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A personalized support service to help you find a solution to your retirement home lease problem

Do you live in a private seniors' residence (PSR) and need help solving a problem related to your lease or the services you receive at the residence? Or as a caregiver of a person living in a PSR, you would like to be able to advise them well in this context?


CAAP Côte-Nord advisors are there to INFORM, HELP and SUPPORT you in finding a solution to your lease problem.

Empathy, confidentiality and gratuity

The CAAP Côte-Nord is an independent and autonomous body mandated by the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation (MAMH) to assist residents living in private seniors' residences wishing to avail themselves of their lease rights. Our services are free and confidential!

Vos droits et obligations
en RPA

What is a private seniors' residence (PSR)?

A private seniors' residence (PSR) is an apartment building intended to accommodate autonomous or semi-autonomous people aged 65 and over. In addition to the rental of rooms or accommodation, it also offers various services (meals, treatments, maintenance, etc.). In Quebec, the designation private residence for seniors (RPA) can only be used by an operator if he has obtained a certificate of conformity, which guarantees that the residence meets certain requirements in terms of safety and quality of services. .

The lease is more than a simple formality!

It is a contract which exists between the residence and you, and whose signature is obligatory. To learn more on the subject, consult the following documents:

The lease defines most of your rights and obligations, as well as the services you will receive from the residence.


The lease defines most of your rights and obligations, as well as the services you will receive from the residence.

Your rights and obligations in a PSR

As the tenant of a private seniors' residence, you have rights to enforce and obligations to honor. ¹

Your RIGHTS as a tenant:

  • Live in your home

  • To be treated with respect, dignity and courtesy

  • Enjoy your accommodation freely as well as the common areas

  • Benefit from well-maintained and repaired accommodation, if necessary

  • Live in a living environment that ensures your health and safety

  • Receive the care and services listed in your lease

You also have OBLIGATIONS:

  • Pay your monthly rent, including the amount for the services retained in the lease

  • Ensure the cleanliness of your accommodation

  • Give access to the manager to carry out work in your home

  • When you leave, return your accommodation to the same condition as when you arrived

  • Respect the internal rules of the residence

¹ The texts on this site have no legal value and are for informational purposes only.



You can check whether a residence has its certificate of conformity, by consulting the Register of private seniors' residences.

Are you experiencing a problem at your residence?

You are not alone!

The CAAP Côte-Nord team is here for you!

Whatever your reason for dissatisfaction, it is important to talk about it and try to resolve it. CAAP Côte-Nord professionals can inform and support you in any process aimed at finding the solution that suits you.


We inform you about:

  • the nature of your rights and obligations as a tenant of an RPA

  • about the options available to you based on your particular situation


We help and support you in:

  • exercise and respect for your rights

  • preparing a meeting with the manager of the residence with the aim of reaching an agreement

  • preparation (and support, if you wish) for a conciliation meeting or a hearing before the administrative housing court

One problem, different solutions

If you have a problem with respecting your lease or with the care and services provided by the residence, it is best to first inform the manager of your residence. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable acting this way or if you need help to accompany you in this process, call the CAAP Côte-Nord!


You have different problem-solving possibilities:

  • an agreement negotiated between you and the manager of the residence

  • conciliation at the administrative housing court between you and the residence

  • a hearing before the administrative housing court, if no agreement has been possible

CAAP's mission is not to represent you, but to support you, as a tenant of a PSR or as a caregiver, throughout the various steps, respecting your choices and your power to act.
Vous vivez un problème?

How can I file a complaint?

Our advisers have the expertise to support you every step of the way.

Contact us at 1 877-767-2227 or fill out the complaint form.


We will contact you as quickly as possible to assist and support you during this process.

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